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Your event’s success depends on the safety of your attendees. Trust an Event Security Guards Services in California for reliable protection and peace of mind.

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Planning to run a corporate, personal or private event in Los Angeles, and in search of elite event security guards?

With Ausguards providing event security guards Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Sun Valley, Hollywood and possibly every county you can name in southern California, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Ausguards’ security guards are trained, equipped, certified, background checked and qualified to provide professional security services. Their training covers various security-related topics such as emergency response, crowd control, communication, and conflict resolution. Our security guards are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to carry out their duties effectively, such as radios, body cameras, and appropriate attire.


In addition to their training, our security experts are also certified, meaning they have passed required exams and meet industry standards. Ausguards also performs thorough background checks on all their guards to ensure they have a clean criminal record and are trustworthy individuals.

Our security guards are qualified to manage all sorts of events in Los Angeles by having the necessary training and certification to handle different types of situations that may arise at events.

Whether you are having a birthday party in Santa Monica, or an engagement celebration in Malibu; a political rally in Compton or a fundraiser in Inglewood; a show screening in Beverly Hills or a sports event in Pasadena- our event security personnel will provide a secure and safe environment for event attendees and handle emergencies and potential security threats like a boss.

Let us help you have the most amazing events. Contact us right now to get a free consultation and quote.

Trustworthy Event Security Services in Los Angeles!

Ausguards is a certified event security company that specializes in offering trustworthy and competent event security guards. Our event security services span over a range of events including corporate events, conventions, sporting events, trade shows, concerts, screenings, seminars, exhibitions, fun fairs, festivals, galas, birthdays, engagement parties, bridal showers, political rallies, governmental events and the likes.

Our security experts have a proven track record of providing top-notch security services to ensure a safe and secure environment for the attendees, management, staff and everyone involved. Moreover, our security experts have the necessary skills, training, and equipment to handle any type of event and are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful event.

In terms of experience in Los Angeles, our guards have a significant presence in the city and has provided security services for numerous events in the area including West Hollywood, Santa Clarita, Inglewood, Pasadena, Beverly Hilla and East Los Angeles.

Our skilled security professionals have a deep understanding of the local security landscape and are well-equipped to handle the unique security challenges that may arise in the city. This is why we are a trusted security partner for event organizers in Los Angeles.

Event Access Control

Our event security guards ensure only authorized personnel are allowed into the event by checking them at entry points for their IDs, and examining them for having any unsafe item on them. This will help maintain a secure environment and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your event.

Event Perimeter Control

Our Skilled security officers also provide perimeter control to secure the boundaries of your events and prevent any unauthorized individuals from entering it. This will blocks off all intruders and trespassers immediately keeping the perimeters of your event venue 100% safe.

VIP Management

We offer VIP management services to ascertain the safety and security of VIP guests and dignitaries at the event. The advanced VIP management service is perfect to make the VIPS feel special, and safeguard them from suspicious personnel, overwhelming fans, and annoying stalkers.

Enforcement of Event Regulations

Adept event security professionals by Ausguards enforce event regulations to ensure all attendees comply with the rules and regulations of the event. They create appropriate protocols for the event, and make sure that everyone abides by the SOPs strictly. This helps maintain order and prevent any disruptive behavior.

Parking Control

Ausguards provides parking control services to ensure that every attendee, staff member and personnel involved at an event parks their vehicle in a safe and secure manner and to prevent any unauthorized parking in the event area. With efficient parking control, the event too goes seamlessly.

Crowd Control or Management

To ensure crowds behave well and the event is a huge success, we offer crowd control and management services to ensure the safety and security of all event attendees. Our They are trained to manage large crowds and handle any potential security threats that may arise.

Our Security Services are best for/ Our Security Services Cover A Wide Range of Events!

At Ausguards, we prioritize your safety the most. We have a certified and highly trained team of seasoned firewatch security guards to safeguard you against fire issues and problems. Our firewatch security guards play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of individuals, buildings, and properties.

Our event security services are best for:

Political rallies and protests

Corporate events


Conventions and trade shows

Charity events and galas

Religious events

Festivals and fairs

Cultural and community events

Sports events and match screenings

Product launch events

Movie nights

Cocktail parties at nightclubs and bars

Private parties

Birthday celebrations

Engagement parties and wedding celebrations

Baby, bridal and business showers

Conferences and seminars

Training sessions and workshops

Concerts and musical nights

Our Event Security personnel undergo rigorous training regularly to amp up your safety. Trust us to give you the best protection.

Your Go-to Security Guard Company in Los Angeles!

Ausguards is a reputable security company operating from Chatsworth, Los Angeles with a wealth of experience in providing event services in different counties and cities of southern California. Our event security company has a proven track record of delivering top-notch security services to individuals, organizations and corporate clients and has established a strong reputation for quality, reliability, and professionalism.

We are licensed and insured, meeting all relevant regulations and requirements for providing security services in the various cities of Los Angeles. Being BSIS certified, our company actively invests in ongoing training and development for its event security guards to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any type of event.

We have an extensive experience in providing event services and a broad portfolio of clients holding events from different industries including food, business, education, finance, agriculture, entertainment, medicine and government. Our elite company has a deep understanding of the unique security challenges that arise at events and has the resources and expertise to provide customized security solutions that meet the specific needs of each event.

At Ausguards, we take pride in being a highly qualified and experienced event security company that can provide reliable, professional and customized security guard services to clients. Our credentials, expertise, and experience make us a trusted partner for event organizers seeking top-quality event security services.

Reach out to our event security guard services in California, any time for your parties, celebrations, dinners, seminars, product launches and absolutely any type of event happening in San Gabriel, Hawthorne, Lancaster, Culver City or any other city of Los Angeles.

Hire Security Guard for Events in Los Angeles!

You invest your energy, time, money and tons of resources in organizing and running an event. You deserve for it to go safely and seamlessly. Leave that to us while you run the show. 😉

Here’s why you should hire our event security guards Los Angeles:

Professional and experienced security guards:

All security guards are fully trained, equipped, and certified, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any type of event.

Tailored security solutions:

We provide customized security solutions to meet the specific needs of each event, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all attendees.

Reliable and dependable service:

Our company has a proven track record of delivering quality security services to clients and has established a strong reputation for reliability and professionalism.

Licensed and insured:

Ausguards is licensed and insured, meeting all relevant regulations and requirements for providing security services.

Experienced and reputable company:

Our highly expert team has extensive experience in providing commercial, corporate and private event security services to clients.

Affordable and competitive pricing:

Keeping in mind your budget constraints, we offer competitive pricing for all our event security services.

Above everything, hiring Ausguards for event security services guarantees 100% peace of mind and allows you to focus on other aspects of event planning, knowing that your event is in good hands.

To hire our event security guards, fill in the contact form with your name, contact number, and email. Our customer support representative will soon get back to you to inquire of your security needs. We’ll then provide you with a customized quote, get more details of your event, and provide you with the security experts your event needs.

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